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Friday, January 27, 2023

Tencent (NYSE: TME) Announces the Recipients of the First Digital Commemorative Trophy

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE: TME) has confirmed the recipients of the first digital commemorative trophy in China‘s music industry. The digital commemorative award, which will be announced every quarter, will commemorate individuals and groups who contribute to industry advancement and social value creation through music.

The award was designed by TME to give thanks to music creators, professionals, and fans, as well as to encourage people to continue to generate quality content and projects for the entire industry. TME’s commitment to revitalizing China’s music industry is reflected in the digital commemorative trophy.

In the first batch, TME was awarded a total of 11 awards. Leslie Cheung’s classic concert video received one of the awards, which was recreated with artificially Intelligent technology to bring back the emotions and memories of fans from 22 years ago. One award was given to the first wave of TMELAND users, honoring their efforts to create a new virtual music world with TME, while another was given to 141 artist groups that collaborated to construct an eight-hour online live-streaming concert relay.

Furthermore, some indie musicians were recognized for their high-quality musical creations. The trophy’s design was inspired by vinyl records and included TME’s leading digital collection technology, ensuring that the special moments would be remembered forever. TME, as a major player in China’s music industry, will keep its commitment and dedication to social value, ensuring long-term success and fostering the music industry’s healthy development.

Additionally, TME released its financial results for the first quarter of 2022 on May 17. TME’s subscription sales increased by 17.8% year over year, to a new high of nearly 80 million paying users. TME continues to innovate around the four pillars of its music entertainment experience: listen, watch, sing, and play, as well as its dual-engine content-and-platform strategy.

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