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iQIYI (NASDAQ: IQ) Announces the Upcoming Release of 213 New Pieces of Content

iQIYI, Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) confirmed that it has decided to drop the 213 pieces of content including TV series, films, and variety shows on May 20. The company has chosen May 20 because it is a day celebrated due to the proximity in pronunciations between the date and ‘I love you’ in Chinese.

iQIYI is committed to producing high-quality content that evolves with the audience. The company is continuing to use its original content approach to create high-quality hit material, with a particular emphasis on content that conjures specific eras and invokes people’s personal experiences and memories.

The content in iQIYI’s most recent slate of releases exemplifies the company’s commitment to creating content that reflects both audiences’ everyday lives and the current zeitgeist, while also improving the narrative through heartwarming, realistic characters, and authentic emotions. The entertainment industry’s future, according to iQIYI, will be driven by merging content with innovation.

Furthermore, the future content structure of iQIYI will be centered on mainstream titles that depict the happiness and sorrows that individuals face in society as a whole. With an enormous content library, iQIYI will continue to invest in original films, cartoons, documentaries, and other content that captures the spirit of society and communities and meets the demands of various audiences.

Additionally, IQYI has also decided to broadcast 20 variety programs. iQIYI will also keep improving the offering for existing theatres, such as the suspense-themed Light On Theater, the romance-themed Sweet On Theater, and the comedy-themed Laugh On Theater, as well as introduce new theatre categories.

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