Our Team

Writer / Financial reporter / stock markets
Boe Rhimes is a recognized financial reporter who has written for numerous well known financial publications most recently for microcapdaily.com where he was the editor for the past 2 years until his resignation in December 2022. As of January 2023 Mr Rhimes writes for Investmillion.com and is a contributing editor on microcaponline. Mr. Rhimes previously worked as a market maker and full time investor.

Nick Shan
Writer / Contributor / Reporter
Mr. Nick Shan is well verse in different financial markets. He reports on stories, news and current events in the Stock Market as well as the World Wide markets. He’s been a key writer and editor for various organizations. He specializes in reporting stocks that are on the move and the financial markets. He likes to give his readers the top news of the day. Nick helps to contribute emerging growth stocks, stocks in the news, stocks to watch and stocks in the spotlight.

We are currently looking for more writers if you are interested in writing for Investmillion and you have a good understanding of financial markets please send an email to our editor.