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New Relic (NYSE: NEWR) Launch Low-Overhead Kubernetes Monitoring

New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR) unveiled several product breakthroughs and improvements at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022. The company aims to assist millions of engineers to take a daily, data-driven perspective on Kubernetes observability. With a better memory footprint, variable scraping intervals, and more, New Relic re-architected its Kubernetes connection to reduce the complexity related to monitoring Kubernetes installations.

New Relic also introduced plugin support for Pixie, an open-source observability solution for Kubernetes, giving New Relic users unrestricted access to the most recent Pixie innovation from within the New Relic platform. These enhancements are part of New Relic’s all-in-one observability platform, which enables engineers to get 3X+ more value than the competition.

Furthermore, as enterprises speed their Kubernetes adoption, the correct monitoring architecture must be in place to reduce access resource use. Monitoring solutions that use non-optimized agents and DaemonSet topologies waste a lot of cluster resources, which adds extra overhead and costs. Separately, when enterprises expand their Kubernetes footprints across several clusters, many choose solutions like Rancher to help them manage their expanding terrain.

The Kubernetes integration and Pixie plugin, two of New Relic’s most recent technologies, bridge this gap by offering every engineer access to industry-leading Kubernetes observability directly from the New Relic UI.

Additionally, New Relic is enabling access to Pixie’s features directly within the New Relic UI by enabling the Pixie plugin framework. The New Relic Pixie integration has been adjusted to bring a fraction of Pixie data off-cluster into New Relic for long-term storage and retention, and new capabilities will be accessible to engineers using New Relic as they are released.

As part of the New Relic platform, which includes a secure telemetry cloud, powerful full-stack analysis tools, and predictable consumption pricing instead of disjointed SKU bundles, New Relic’s Kubernetes integration is widely available today, and New Relic’s Pixie Plugin will be available in early June.

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