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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Plantronics (NYSE: POLY) Drop “The Journey To Hybrid Working: Twelve Considerations” Report

Plantronics, Inc. (NYSE: POLY) has finally dropped a new report titled “The Journey to Hybrid Working: Twelve Considerations,” in collaboration with workplace research platform WORKTECH Academy. The new report examines twelve considerations for companies to browse hybrid working, and pinpoint the key challenges around people, technology, and spaces that employers face.

Poly is collaborating on a rolling program with the research team at WORKTECH Academy to generate new ideas, identify key obstacles, and investigate emerging prospects in hybrid working. The study reveals significant issues that will be investigated and analyzed further. Hybrid working is here to stay as a long-term trend rather than a fad, yet many businesses are trying hard to make the new model work.

The research examines the distinctions between in-person and virtual presence in the workplace, as well as the necessity to achieve meeting equality regardless of employee location by employing the appropriate tools and technologies. Key areas that Poly and WORKTECH Academy explore are as follows:

  • Balancing always-on culture against employee overwork
  • Redrawing the rules of informal and formal collaboration for a hybrid workforce
  • Weighing up the benefits of personalized versus standardized approaches to hybrid working
  • Moving physical comfort for people to psychological comfort
  • Creating workplaces that are diverse and inclusive

Poly outlines some of the important themes and issues that businesses will encounter in the future as they begin to embrace hybrid working models by defining the twelve aspects of hybrid working. According to the findings, 48% of the firms we questioned had already implemented a hybrid approach. According to the same survey, 37% of decision-makers are ready for hybrid working in the near term but have not considered their long-term strategies.

According to WORKTECH Academy, Organizations must first understand the model’s complicated features and acknowledge its inherent dichotomies to capitalize on the potential presented by hybrid working. Its inaugural report with Poly lays out some of the important debates around hybrid working as well as an agenda for employees to better prepare themselves for a flexible future.

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