TotalEnergies SE (NYSE: TTE) has welcomed the first 10 start-ups to the accelerator program dedicated to electricity at the inauguration of TotalEnergies On which is the TotalEnergies' start-up accelerator at the world's largest start-up campus, STATION F in Paris. TotalEnergies aimed to back the development of new companies in the electricity and renewable energy sector.

This initiative is for start-ups that provide new solutions across the entire value chain, particularly digital solutions. The chosen start-ups have exclusive access to the Company's expertise, as well as a testing ground for their innovations within TotalEnergies' businesses. Because they are hosted at TotalEnergies On, they also gain from the STATION F ecosystem.

Sereema, which specializes in digital wind asset optimization with a proprietary IoT technology, and Green Eagle Solutions, which specializes in automating distant wind operations with software robots, are among the top renewable energy start-ups. Tilt, a firm specializing in optimizing prosumers' vehicle use, and Bia, a software solution for optimizing flexibility through charging loads management, are among the startups in distributed energy management.

Granular, which focuses on offering market solutions that facilitate 24/7 sustainable energy sourcing, and TokWise, which offers AI-powered short-term trading techniques for renewable electricity, are two more firms in the power trading space. Eliq and Beev are two such startups that the firm has welcomed into power retail. Among the electric mobility, startups are Time Plug and Bonnet.

TTE believed that the huge deployment of renewable energies, as well as the complex issue of incorporating them into the electrical grid, present many new issues as part of the energy transition. As a worldwide multi-energy firm that prioritizes the development of low-carbon power as part of its transition strategy, it must assist start-ups that will accelerate and streamline the energy transition.