Qualtrics International Inc. (NASDAQ: XM) disclosed that Shiseido Group which has earned a reputation as one of the world’s top cosmetic companies has chosen Qualtrics EmployeeXM to help the company enhance employee wellbeing, productivity, and development as it continually adapts and provides diverse work styles in line to the changing needs of employees.

Qualtrics' skills and insights will be crucial in informing and guiding Shiseido's new ways of working, as well as helping to promote a satisfying employee experience and personal growth within its employees. Shiseido will also be able to determine what issues are affecting the company's employee experience.

Shiseido is committed to ensuring that the new styles and environments fit the different demands of its teams, from flexible hours to activity-based working, as it refines its hybrid work approach, similar to many other organizations throughout the world. Similarly, the company is committed to providing a great work-life balance for its 46,000 global employees, including support for employees who are raising or caring for families.

Shiseido will be well-positioned to attract, retain, and develop talent if it focuses on the drivers that have the greatest impact on employee experience. Shiseido's existing HRIS systems will be integrated with the program to provide even more operational efficiency and value.

Furthermore, Shiseido's decision to use Qualtrics to standardize employee experience is part of the firm's First, One, Connected, and Unified Shiseido (FOCUS) effort, which sees the company use SAP S/4HANA to administer all IT systems globally through a single platform. Shiseido is advancing its journey to becoming a data-driven business by adopting this method, which ensures that all markets benefit from the investments made.