Infosys Limited (NYSE: INFY) and the French Tennis Federation (FFT) have dropped the latest innovations that will help pave the way for technology-driven sports viewing and fan engagement. Through a variety of 3D, AR, VR, and AI-powered experiences, the two organizations are kicking off their five-year extended cooperation.

Through the creation of an annual STEM initiative for young people, the partnership's dedication to utilizing technology for the benefit of the tennis ecosystem will be increased. The joint program uses Infosys Springboard, a free online learning platform, to inspire young people from all around Paris to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by demonstrating how these disciplines are applied in tennis.

The innovations are intended to connect, excite, and enthrall viewers by enhancing the viewer's journey across the tournament's history, matches, and experience through the use of technology. Fans will be treated to a unique 3D immersive exhibition depicting the evolution of rackets throughout the tournament's history following the agreement. The famous men's and women's champions of the past will also be featured in an interactive 3D experience.

In addition, with real-time statistics projected on live match footage, Infosys Stats Flash will histories are broken and performance throughout the event. Patterns of Play, a new interactive visualization in the Infosys Match Center, will provide in-depth assessments of player habits and winning techniques.

Furthermore, fans will also be able to play virtual tennis on Philippe-beloved Chatrier's court and interact with other fans in the metaverse via Social VR. Moreover, the Infosys Tennis Platform, which distributes AI videos and insights on online and mobile app platforms, will continue to play a significant role in connecting players, coaches, broadcasters, and journalists alike, building on prior years' progress.