Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE: PLTR) revealed that it has decided to renew its partnership with Ringier. This partnership will provide Ringier with software to expand its digital revolution and speed up its shift to a digital-first global media firm. Ringier utilizes the Foundry software of PLTR to utilize the power of data in order to better provide services and notify readers.

Through this strategic partnership, Ringier is able in turn to boost the revenue necessary to finance quality journalism by broadening the reach and optimizing the relationship to its audience. Ringier not only used the Foundry Software in newsrooms but also use it to improve performance in the marketing areas across its media brands.

Furthermore, Ringier has gained recognition as the most innovative and iconic firm in Switzerland. Usage of Foundry Software is helpful for Ringier as it is easy to use interface that enables people of all the technical capability to interact with the data, while its coarse access controls are committed to ensuring that only the right individuals can access the right data at the right time.

Foundry Software has completely revolutionized the way businesses work by establishing a central operating system for their data. It enables the consolidation of compartmentalized data sources into a widespread functioning picture, which leads to a better data-driven decision-making process across the organization.

Ringier has step foot on a journey to execute a digitally transform plan more than a decade ago, accepting the shift from a legacy newspaper business into a differentiated, digital-first, international media firm through substantial investments in technology and skills.