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Friday, March 31, 2023

908 Devices (NASDAQ: MASS) Update its MX908 Handheld Device

908 Devices Inc. (NASDAQ: MASS) has updated its MX908 handheld mass spectrometer, introducing additional capabilities to help first responders expedite operations and increase field safety. The device will now support a wider spectrum of medications, including fentanyl analogues, synthetic opioids, and cannabinoids, as well as expanded Bluetooth functions with remote applications for iPhone mobile devices.

MX908 upgrades will fill in gaps in responders’ processes and speed chemical detection at the point of need for a variety of missions. Responders will be able to share data more quickly, receive technical help, and customize notes in reports using the MX908 Remote application for iOS. Access to user manuals and training videos are also available in the app, providing first responders with the tools they need while on the job. Last year, a remote application for Android users was launched.

A wider range of substances and drug precursors can now be detected and identified by the handheld device. A fentanyl analogue (Valerylfentanyl), synthetic cannabis (MDMB CHMINACA), and a stimulant precursor are among the new targets (PMK Glycidate). These modifications to the MX908 target list are critical for responding officers to identify these chemicals in local populations and at criminal scenes involving drug smuggling, transit, and distribution.

Furthermore, an integration specification document, in addition to MX908 device updates, standardizes integration requirements by giving technical details commonly needed to integrate the MX908 device as a subsystem or component of a larger system. Customers and industry partners can more seamlessly connect the MX908 to other platforms, software, and vehicles thanks to well-defined specifications.

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