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Friday, January 27, 2023

VEON (NASDAQ: VEON) Intent to Share Augmented Intelligence Platform with Mobile Operators

VEON Ltd. (NASDAQ: VEON) has planned to share access to its Augmented Intelligence Platform capabilities and knowledge with the international mobile operator community. VEON has also confirmed its plan to extend the scope of its Augmented Intelligence Platform to incorporate the community services, such as road damage reporting, agricultural monitoring, and illegal waste disposal site discovery.

VEON employed drones and its Augmented Intelligence Platform to successfully pinpoint damaged roads and provide a comprehensive description that can be used to expedite essential repairs in a recently completed pilot program. Other pilot programmes for aerial identification of unlawful trash heaps and ensuring compliance with waste disposal schedules have also been launched by VEON in various Russian regions.

VEON Augmented Intelligence Platform

The VEON Augmented Intelligence Platform was created to help Russia’s LizaAlert search and rescue agency find missing individuals across huge areas of the country. VEON developed the Augmented Intelligence Platform, which combines quick mobile connections, high-resolution drone images, and artificial intelligence to reduce the time it takes to locate missing people.

Furthermore, VEON also confirmed recently that Beeline, its Russian mobile operator, will supply LizaAlert with sophisticated multisim technology to improve network speed and availability. The multisim technology allows rescue teams and drones to connect to the networks of all four Russian mobile operators at the same moment, automatically selecting the strongest network available thanks to sim balancing.

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