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Aurora (NASDAQ: JG) to Buy SendCloud

Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) has confirmed the acquisition of Wuhan SendCloud Technology Co., Ltd. (SendCloud) which is China’s leading Email API platform for consumer marketing and user-centric transactional email services. The company has also disclosed that it will give equity awards to the management of SendCloud.

SendCloud and Aurora Mobile both offer developer-focused services, and their products and customer bases are extremely similar. SendCloud stated that disclosed that it will help Aurora Mobile expand its omni-channel messaging abilities by connecting these technologies with the Company’s customer engagement-related services, leveraging SendCloud’s dependable high-performance system and database services, as well as real-time email protocols analysis.

Furthermore, as per the acquisition, both the companies will be able to address their customers’ needs for omni-channel customer interaction management through a unified single platform. The platform is expected to save management costs, make it easier for customers to combine diverse services, and increase user value.

Additionally, JG disclosed that after the acquisition it would be able to create a trustworthy and successful consumer interaction platform for various industry verticals. As the requirement for user interaction grows, customers are becoming increasingly reliant on adaptable omni-channel solutions. JG is quite confident in its capacity to accelerate its aim to establish a one-stop integrated platform for customer engagement solutions, thanks to the combined expertise of its staff.

Moreover, SendCloud had more than 2,000 paying clients in the Q4 of 2021, thus JG’s customer base is likely to double after this deal is completed. This transaction will benefit both parties by increasing cross-selling opportunities to the merged client base and helping to fuel future revenue development.

Transaction Overview

Aurora Mobile Limited has confirmed that the total cash payment is to be paid upon execution of the deal to SendCloud. The deal is likely to be executed by the end of March 2022, contingent upon usual closing conditions. There is no guarantee that the deal will be executed within the anticipated timeframe, or at all.

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