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Friday, January 27, 2023

Love Monster NFT Become First NASDAQ-Approved Game Project to Display on Times Square Billboard

Love Monster NFT, which is a non-fungible token, launched in 2021, become the first-ever NASDAQ-approved XRP Ledger gaming project to be showcased on NASDAQ billboard in Times Square, New York. For the Love Monster NFT community, Love Monster is creating a metaverse. The game is based on the Love Monsters and takes place in the Monster Planet metaverse, which will offer a play-to-earn environment for NFT and crypto collectors.

The next generation of metaverse gaming is Love Monster. NFT holders will be taken to a new, thrilling environment where they will be able to engage with their Love Monsters. Love Monster NFT is more than just a.jpeg; it’s a groundbreaking vision that gives collectors a place to play, earn, and breed collectible monsters, complete with an open-source marketplace.

Furthermore, NFT holders will be able to customize their monsters and combat with other players in the Monster Planet ecosystem, as well as play a variety of open-world adventure games and own plots of land. If the user is lucky enough to possess a piece of land, the daily resources provided by that plot can provide a significant daily return.

Love Monster’s debut on a Times Square billboard by NASDAQ is convincing proof of the company’s current promise of success. With a maximum quantity of 33,333 tokens, Love Monster NFT is a limited series token with only 9,999 handcrafted Love Monster designs.

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