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Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX) to Launch New IBX Data Center in Paris

Equinix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EQIX) disclosed that it has launched a new International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Paris. The new site will be named PA10. It is part of Equinix’s Saint-Denis campus. The new site will be the tenth data center opened by Equinix in Paris over 20 years.

The launch of PA10 is part of the ongoing commitment of Equinix to the French market. It will further back the growth of the local digital economy and digital revolution strategies. The latest Global Interconnection Index, which is an annual market study published by Equinix, disclosed that the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled the French economy into digital saturation, with digital leaders moving four times faster than pre-pandemic levels.

Furthermore, Equinix is establishing relations between digital leaders. It is striving to allow them to streamline operations, enhance the customer experience, and speed up the release of new products and services. In addition, the company revealed that it has prepared multiple sustainability projects for PA10. These include heat recovery technology projects to retrieve energy from customer equipment and move it to the urban heating network, and in turn, heat the local community swimming pool.

Another development in the new site is its rooftop which will be home to a 430-square-meter greenhouse where fruit and vegetables will be cultivated. Using a water recovery system and just watering the planted regions, a hydroponic system attempts to minimize water use. Heat recovery technology will also be used in the greenhouse, as it is at PA10.

In addition to lowering waste heat emissions, the rooftop garden will assist store rainwater and minimize the amount of water discharged to the sewer. Moreover, phase 1 of PA10 is scheduled to offer 3,775 square-meter of colocation space and 1,525 cabinets of capacity. Upon execution of all scheduled phases, the full site is likely to generate 5,775 square-meter of colocation space with nearly 2,250 cabinets.

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