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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Rackspace (NASDAQ: RXT) and Digivante Announces Partnership

Rackspace Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: RXT) and Digivante disclosed that they both have joined hands to deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered application testing for Rackspace Technology clients in EMEA. Digivante’s experience and technical capabilities will now be available to Rackspace clients across EMEA, which is especially important as a rising number of enterprises depend solely on digital dependability and app development.

Digivante’s extra manual and crowd-sourced testing services bolster the automation journey. It helps customers to overcome issues like long development time to get automation established, wanting to automate everything rather than focusing on where it adds value and saves time, or missing key scenarios because they can’t be easily automated.

Furthermore, customers also rely on Digivante’s crowd-sourced testing for a speedy response when cloud migrations and improvements necessitate testing in a short period. In addition, Digivante also provides digital performance assessment and uninterrupted website testing services, which assist businesses to improve their application testing by employing automation powered by AI and Machine Learning (ML).

Digivante disclosed conventional manual application testing may be extraordinarily time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to handle with little or no automation, resulting in either low-quality applications sent to production or dramatically delayed launches. So, building automation into testing and integrating it with crowd testing in the proper way can help the client save money and speed up the process.

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