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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Aurora Mobile (NASDAQ: JG) Expands Collaboration with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals

Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) has expanded the collaboration with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals has earned a reputation as the largest distributor in China for imported drugs and the second-largest in pharmaceutical distribution for pharmacies.

Aurora Mobile has inked various pacts with several prominent platforms in growth sectors such as finance, retail, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, technology, vehicle, freight, and entertainment. The firm aim is to accelerate user growth, enhance user experience and boost traffic value for clients like Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, China Merchants Fund, etc.

The company has now decided to expand its relationship with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals. Aurora Mobile has decided to continue the offering of sophisticated technical support for Shanghai Pharmaceuticals to accelerate higher user growth and enhance operational efficiency. Furthermore, both companies will collaborate to further promote improvement in medical services.

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals’ daily operations necessitate the management of personnel. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals has launched its own “OA Office” software and internal corporate website to allow employees to conveniently conduct out remote work on their mobile phones. However, some remote employees disable push notifications on their mobile apps, which leads to a decrease in efficiency owing to work-related message delivery failures.

To solve this problem, Aurora Mobile consolidated the JG Unification Messaging System into the OA office app of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals. As a combined multi-channel messaging platform, JG UMS combines nine major messaging channels including WeChat official accounts, mobile apps, emails, and Short Message Service (SMS).

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