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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Smartsheet (NYSE: SMAR) to Streamline Digital Transformation Initiatives of NHS England

Smartsheet Inc. (NYSE: SMAR) disclosed that NHS England has chosen Smartsheet to drive digital-first primary care initiatives across the northwest region. The new “Digital First Primary Care” program, put into operation at NHS locations across the Northwest region of England. Its main focus is to enhance care pathways for the thousands of patients they serve over five years.

NHS disclosed the reason why it chooses Smartsheet as NHS England believed that the modesty of Smartsheet made it easy for all of its project managers to onboard and comprehend the solution immediately. Smartsheet has not only made its work more worthwhile but made it simpler to pinpoint when a project is running late or is in danger so that it can recognize the situation in real-time, make the necessary changes, and stay on track.

Previously, NHS England was responsible for distributing millions of pounds for projects that continue their digital transformation projects. The team used earlier Excel spreadsheets to manage projects and store data and PowerPoint to report on success metrics. This method turned out to be very labor-intensive and sometimes gave incorrect results.

So NHS team has decided to use Smartsheet’s platform to bring digital-first change initiatives across services like primary care and telehealth through a centralized solution that allows its workers to execute more projects in less time and without errors. Moreover, NHS England collaborated with Russ Consulting, a Smartsheet partner, to speed up the launch of the Smartsheet platform.

Smartsheet disclosed that its mission is to support anyone to bring significant change, and by collaborating with like-minded partners like Russ Consulting, the company can support organizations like NHS England to achieve its mission of enhancing patient care. With the help of Smartsheet, NHS England was able to stand up an authorized solution that offered their team a standardized process that decreased human error and allowed accurate real-time reporting on a national level for every project within three weeks.

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