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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Angion (NASDAQ: ANGN) Shares Data For its Investigational Product Candidate ANG-3070

Angion Biomedica Corp. (NASDAQ: ANGN) has introduced four posters at the American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week 2021 virtual meeting. The meeting is being conducted from November 4 to 7, 2021. The company has also introduced these encouraging preclinical data for its investigational product candidate ANG-3070 across multiple serious fibrotic kidney diseases at this year’s Kidney Week.

The presentation on the design of its Phase II study of ANG-3070 in patients with PPKD discusses the disease, the high unsatisfied medical need of patients, and the rationale of the study design based on the preclinical and Phase I study data. The company is projecting to register the first patient in the Phase II study by the end of 2021.

Furthermore, the main points of the presentation include a major unfulfilled medical need in patients with PPKDs and continual proteinuria due to the lack of effective cures. Moreover, animal data indicate inhibition of the receptor tyrosine kinases PDGFRα/β and DDR1/2 have the potential to inhibit renal function decline and the progression of chronic kidney disease to end-stage kidney disease.

In addition, the Phase II exploratory study will assess the safety and efficacy of ANG-3070 in patients with constant proteinuria on the standard of care and test the hypothesis ANG-3070 can decrease proteinuria. The Phase II data will help define the dose and enrichment strategy for the potential Phase III pivotal study design.

Moreover, the presentation explains preclinical data from a study of ANG-3070 in a rat model of proteinuric passive Heymann nephritis (PHN), which is reminiscent of human membranous nephropathy, a serious primary proteinuric kidney disease (PPKD) for which there are no authorized cures.

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