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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Logitech’s (NASDAQ: LOGI) Logitech G Unveil Official Gaming Gear of League of Legends

Logitech International S.A. (NASDAQ: LOGI) disclosed that its brand Logitech G has entered into a partnership agreement with Riot Games. Logitech G and Riot Games both introduced the official gear of the collectible League of Legends. This partnership is made with the League of Legends proprietary Hextech look and feels across a suite of products.

In League of Legends, Hextech is the magic-imbued technology that backs regions of Piltover and Zaun. At its base, Hextech unites clean and layered geometry of art deco-inspired architecture with a guide magical force, a combination of modern and fantastic. Hextech not only encourages but also leads the players.

Furthermore, Riot Games considered Logitech G the best partner as it always improves the player experience and bringing League of Legends to life. The new pro-level collection improves any players’ experience by interpreting Riot Games’ League of Legends Hextech technology into streamlined performance-driven products.

In addition, Logitech G disclosed that it has established this collection in partnership with the League of Legends team, based on the idea of consolidating its pro-level products and technologies with League of Legends iconic Hextech designs. The headset, keyboard, mouse, and mousepad are covered in special League colors, creating a unique collection designed to encourage transcendent levels of gameplay.

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