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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Niu’s (NASDAQ: NIU) Chief Financial Officer Tendered his Resignation

Niu Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU) has announced the management changes as the firm disclosed that its chief financial officer Mr. Hardy Peng Zhang has submitted his resignation. Mr. Hardy has left his position because of some personal reasons. Hardy served the company for many years. He plays a crucial role in assisting NIU to achieve various key milestones.

The decision of Mr. Hardy will be in action from September 2021. The firm has started an active search for a new CFO. Niu Technologies is expecting that the new chief financial officer will be on board soon. Mr. Zhang will continue to serve closely with the firm for the next three months as an advisor to ensure a smooth transition in management.

Niu Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU) share surged 0.28% during the pre-market trading session of Wednesday. In the past 52-weeks of a trading session, the share of the firm fluctuated between the 52-week low and high range of $17.70 and $53.38, respectively. Niu Technologies has recorded a total market capitalization of $1.92 billion at the time of writing.

NIU has earned a reputation as the firm which designs, produces, and sells high-performance electric motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and kick-scooters. NIU has a product portfolio comprising of eight series, four electric scooter series, including NQi, MQi, UQi, and Gova, two urban commuter electric motorcycle series RQi and TQi, a performance electric bicycle series, NIU Aero, and an electric kick-scooter series, KQi.

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