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Friday, March 31, 2023

Relay Therapeutics (NASDAQ: RLAY) Announces Acquisition of ZebiAI

Relay Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLAY) disclosed Friday that it has acquired ZebiAI. Both the firms will join hands to speed up the use of ML across the Dynamo platform to possibly speed up the discovery of novel medicines against difficult targets. The competent and skilled squad of Relay and the capability of the firm to combine edge computational and experimental technologies have attracted the attention of the evolving technologies.

ZebiAI will be the first of such technologies that will strengthen the Dynamo platform. ZebiAI has gained a reputation as an innovator in implementing huge investigational DNA encrypted library data sets to strengthen ML for drug exploration (ML-DEL), The Relay Therapeutics has disclosed that it is seeing more opportunities in these areas and it will continue the investment in these areas.

The methodology of Relay Therapeutics to constantly optimize the drug detection process by amassing purpose-built investigational data collected at each point along the identification scale and implement them to reinforce the analytical power of the patented algorithmic tools.

ZebiAI has adopted the methodology of Relay Therapeutics by bringing a huge collection of curated investigational data, authenticated ML models, a partnership with Google’s Accelerated Science Group to proceed with the establishment of this computational capability, as well as a team with deep knowledge in ML-DEL.

Financial Details of the Acquisition

As per the terms of the merger agreement, Relay Therapeutics will make $85 million upfront, involving $20 million in cash and $65 million in RLAY common stock. ZebiAI investors have also got the chance to get up to an extra $85 million in the platform and program-related landmark considerations, due in Relay Therapeutics common stock.

Additionally, it has been disclosed that in the future any partnership deals related to ZebiAI by if RLAY will make the ZebiAI investors entitled to get 10% of the payments obtained within the next three years, up to a cumulative cap of $100 million due in cash.

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