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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Commences Inquiry Against Clue That Hackers Cracked Taiwan Research

Microsoft Corporation. (NASDAQ: MSFT) has started an investigation to find out that the hackers who attacked its email system manipulated the discoveries of Taiwanese researchers who were the first to inform the software firm of security vulnerabilities.

Taipei City-based small firm DEVCORE has informed Microsoft it discovered bugs influencing the broadly used Exchange business email software of Microsoft. Microsoft informed the DEVCORE that it was about to publicize security patches to solve the issue in late February.

In the days after Microsoft revealed its still-secret patch to DEVCORE, invaders increased their evil activity on systems using Exchange servers attached to the internet.  Microsoft is trying to find out the information which it has shared with the associated have started the attack.

The firm has tried to find out through its probe that whether the DEVCORE system has been attacked, or in some way, it has warned attackers that the patch was in the system because it is the crucial information for hackers. Microsoft is trying to find out what is the causes of increasing attacks.

When Microsoft informed DEVCORE about the security patches that same day hackers have escalated the hacking activities. Matthieu Faou, a malware research scientist at the European cybersecurity firm ESET, disclosed that the attackers may have separately discovered the same weaknesses in Microsoft Exchange.

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