Veritone, Inc. [NASDAQ: VERI] declared that it has entered into an agreement with CRP Radios, a Peru based commercial radio group. The deal represents a significant achievement in the global market growth of Veritone by expanding its reach in the South American region. As per the deal, CRP Radios will be able to get the benefit of Veritone Attribute.

Veritone Attribute is a prominent AI-enabled broadcast attribution application, providing the group a better understanding of advertisement effectiveness throughout its eight radio stations. CRP Radios will also be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the promotion, notify ad optimization strategies and boost ROI for promoters using Veritone Attribute.

The Radio Group has examined the Attribute and disclosed that the visit on the website will increase 12% after the usage of Attribute. CRP Radio is looking for a tool that gives the radio group cutting-edge features and after analyzing all the available features, CRP Radio believed that Attribute has the potential and will be proven to be useful for the firm.

Furthermore, the firm believed that the Veritone Attribute has boosted the traffic on the website and provide the company the accomplishment which it never can get earlier. It is a vital asset to its advertising partners and allowed it to demonstrate real-time analysis tools in order to improve measure promotion effectiveness.

This year the ad spend in Latin America is expected to increase to $1.28 billion US dollars. The AI-enabled solutions of VERI will help the radio to reinforce its position in the South American broadcasting industry by offering skills to make it simpler and more insightful to provide effective perceptions across radio promotional campaigns.