Tilray Inc. [NASDAQ: TLRY] disclosed that it has signed an agreement with Grow Pharma to import and deliver medical cannabis products of Tilray into the UK. This deal will allow Tilray to provide medical cannabis solutions to patients in need.

Tilray is anticipated to have a wide variety of GMP-approved, medical cannabis products offered for patients in the UK by March 2021. By getting the instructions through the private procedure or the National Health Service (NHS) patients will be able to gain access to cannabis products of Tilray in the UK.

Tilray CEO commented that through this collaboration with Grow Pharma, patients will be able to gain access to a persistent supply of GMP-licensed, high-class medical cannabis. It is a significant step towards enhancing access in the UK. Tilray is striving to make its cannabis products available to patients in Europe and countries all around the globe.

The managing director of Tilray in Europe disclosed that the demand for cannabis is continuously growing in Europe and Tilray is recognized as the leader of medical cannabis products. As the demands are escalating, the new regulations are arriving in Europe.

More and more people are now identifying the needs of Medical cannabis and its possibilities to enhance the quality of life of patients. The firm will work together to meet the needs of patients all around the globe.