The Novatar NFT collection was reportedly showcased on a Times Square billboard. This demonstrated how NFTs are becoming more popular. The Novatars campaign started from Feb 10 to Feb 17, with promotional pictures arriving regularly. Novatar is an assortment of 25,000 NFT avatars with a distinct aging characteristic.

The distinct attributes of Novatar assortment are that Novatar is giving the renowned PFP (profile picture) genre of NFTs a new touch. Each Novatar NFT presented as a newborn. The owner can select whether to mature the Novatar into its adult stage when a certain amount of time has passed.

Furthermore, Novatar confirmed that NFTs will be used as profile pictures on various social media platforms. Twitter has already developed an option that enables NFT holders to use their NFTs as profile images. In addition to this, Meta, formerly known as Facebook and Reddit are allegedly looking at similar features.

Moreover, the Novatar characters' innovative design also matches well with the aesthetic being explored by some of the most prominent metaverse projects. Each Novatar comprises 14 characteristics known as genes that define its individuality. Gender, skin color, head shape, career, and other characteristics are all influenced by these genes.

Novatar NFT newborn forms have a standard set of genes that do not change if the owner chose to age them. The NFTs gain more genes as they age. It gives them a more distinct appearance. Novatars isn't just another avatars collection. It's a cutting-edge speculative project with a limited number of 25k baby avatars that can develop up and turn into adults on the blockchain.

Novatar Pre-Sale

Novatars will be offered for 0.1 ETH each in the Novatar pre-sale, which will begin on February 27. The Novatar collection will have a total of 25,000 NFTs, with 10,000 available in the pre-sale. Novatars will be offered at a fixed price in the pre-sale, with the final sales taking place using a Dutch auction method.