Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and A1 decided to come together and set up a wireless network for Siemens micro-grids. A1 will be responsible for delivering spectrum as well as managing and hosting the newly installed campus network while Nokia will provide an industrial-grade private wireless network. Worldwide industries have started adopting sources of renewable energy, storage, and micro- to help enterprises lessen their carbon footprint and accomplish sustainability goals.

They are making a significant impact on many industrial applications by offering energy cost savings and supplying security to industrial campuses. The micro-grids on the Siemens campus will be connected to a private wireless network ensuring safe communication between the micro-grid controllers and the metering or charging points at secured data rates and with low latency.

The project includes solar generation, electric vehicle (EV) charging, building management, and battery storage. Initially, Siemens has deployed 320kW of solar generation and 500kWh battery storage, all to maintain nearly 50 EV charging stations.