nLIGHT, Inc. (NASDAQ: LASR) has rolled out 2-micron fiber laser series for a variety of medical, industrial, scientific, aerospace, and defense applications. In a compact, air-cooled, 48 V DC-driven module, the nLIGHT 2-micron series Continuous Wave (CW) and Quasi-Continuous wave (QCW) fiber lasers give CW energy up to 100 W and QCW pulsed power up to 625 W.

nLIGHT, Inc. has earned recognition as a prominent provider of high-power semiconductor and fiber lasers for industrial, microfabrication, aerospace, and defense applications. The debut of the 2-micron series solidifies nLIGHT's position as the industry leader in high-power fiber lasers. The nLIGHT 2-micron series fiber lasers will be on display at the Lasers World of Photonics in Munich, Germany, from April 26 to 29.

Additionally, the 2-micron series fiber lasers provide a unique mix of pulse energy and pulse modulation that legacy lasers cannot match," says Matthew Randall, Vice President, and General Manager of nLIGHT's Semiconductor Laser Business. "Our customers can expand performance and enter new markets with this laser family."

Previously, nLIGHT, Inc. (Nasdaq: LASR) has confirmed that after the financial markets close on Thursday, May 5, 2022, it will report its financial results for the first quarter of 2022. The first quarter of 2022 for nLIGHT was completed on March 31, 2022. Moreover, a conference call whilst webcast to discuss the first-quarter results will be scheduled on Thursday, May 5, at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time (5:00 p.m. Eastern Time).