Microbot Medical (NASDAQ: MBOT) was one of the top gainers just ahead of Christmas, and closed the day with gains of 61.03%. This followed the company’s announcement that, it was unveiling the world’s first disposable robotic system for cardiovascular, neurovascular and peripheral vascular procedures.

The new system named LIBERTY™ has a unique compact design that has the ability to operate remotely, cut on radiation, and reduce strain to the doctor.  On top of that, it’s, One & Done, approach eliminates the need for multiple consumables in the treatment procedure. The company will announce the new system to investors, the media and healthcare leaders in San Francisco on the 13th of January 2020.

According to the CEO, Harel Gadot, LIBERTY will revolutionize how surgical robots are used by physicians when carrying out endovascular procedures. That’s because, it gets rid of the need for equipment, and by extension cuts on radiation exposure and also makes the use of disposables in medical procedures more efficient.

On top of that, the CEO added that, LIBERTY’s ability to be operated remotely meant that it had the potential to be the system that could potentially democratize how endovascular procedures are done.

Medical experts commented positively on this development too.  According to Dr. Eyal Morag, the Chairman of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Assuta Ashdod Medical Center in Israel the institution will do a live demonstration to showcase the capabilities of this new technology. He stated that, he believes that this technology will be accepted by the interventional community.  According to him, the system can be set up easily, and that it offers amazing remote operations abilities.

From its price action, MBOT was in a breakout in yesterday’s trading session. The stock opened the day at $11.79 and rallied in the day to hit a high of $20.15, before closing the day at $16.20. Volumes in the day stood at 23.85 million.

About Microbot Medical Inc

Microbot Medical Inc is a medical devices company that focuses on minimally invasive surgery. It is based in Hingham, Massachusetts.