McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) took safety actions to guarantee the safety of customers and its employees as the company has announced its plan to make safety checks following the increase in COVID-19 cases. McDonald’s Corporation will check all of its restaurants in the US.

The restaurant industry has experienced a major hit because of the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders. This is the most challenging period for all the industries and proper conformity with the safety standards is the only option to cope up with this challenging period. McDonald’s Corporation has disclosed that it has started ‘safety reaffirmation visits’ jointly with all of its franchises to make the franchise environment safe for everyone. This new decision will be executed by December 31.

The corporation has also revealed that it is planning to carry out a follow-up visit if needed. All the stores which the company owned will also be inspected. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the typical way of doing business and this pandemic has also changed the way this industry runs its business. Many industries are dependent on drive-thru, carry-out, and delivery.

The fast-food company is striving to return to the normal environment of doing business as soon as possible. The owners of the corporation have requested customers to use credit cards to avoid giving cash from the hand which increases the risk of coronavirus spread. The company has also assured people that the safety panel will be used for the proper social distancing is not possible.

McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) has seen some recent movement in the market and its shares finished trading at $213.28 yesterday. Traders are starting to take notice of MCD as the shares traded as high as $214.39 and as low as $212.34 in the last market trading session.

McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) average trading volume is 2.90M. However, in the last market trading session McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) traded 3,068,494 shares. The First downside support level on MCD is $212.56 and the First upside resistance level on MCD is $237.43. MCD fifty day moving average is $221.21 and MCD 200-day moving average is $202.69.

McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) most current performance has been specified by the recent movement in MCD shares. MCD has performed -7.12% over the past 4 weeks, MCD has performed 2.21% over the past 90 days and MCD has shown 9.94% over the past 365 days. McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) has a 1 year range of $124.23 to $231.91. McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) is trading 71.68% from its 1 year low and -8.03% from its 1 year high. McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) is displaying a 0.65% short float displaying the sum short in the float.

MCD has 743.80M shares outstanding and 743.68M shares in the float. McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) presently has a market cap of $158.52B and income of 4.77B. The EPS next quarter for MCD is 1.90 and projected EPS next year is 39.39%. The market cap of McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) at $158.52B represents how many Traders own shares of MCD and is based off the last price ($213.28) of MCD and the sum of shares outstanding (743.80M) with McDonald’s Corporation (MCD).

McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) has total cash (mrq) of 3.26B, total cash per share (mrq) of 4.38, total debt of MCD stands at 51.92B. McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) operational cash flow (ttm) is 5.51B, MCD leveraged free cash flow (ttm) is 2.92B.

MCD is trading -2.91% below (bearish) its SMA20, -3.19% below (bearish) its SMA50 and 7.69% above (bullish) its SMA200.