Logitech International S.A (NASDAQ: LOGI) today launched the ‘Logitech G Pro X SUPERLIGHT’, the lightest wireless gaming mouse. It is the greatest achievement of the company as the new PRO X SUPERLIGHT weighs about 63 grams which is 25% lighter than standard PRO wireless.  Additionally, the new PRO X SUPERLIGHT also provides 70 hours of battery life.  

If we look at the other manufacturer designs, they mostly used the honeycomb-like pattern to achieve the desired weight but LOGI has achieved the desired weight without the holes in it. In terms of performance, it will be no less than G Pro Wireless as it has the same HERO 25,600 DPI sensor as the G Pro Wireless. Logitech has disclosed that the customers will be able to buy this lightweight gaming mouse on December 3, 2020. LOGI is offering it in both black and white for just $149.99.

Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) has seen some recent action in the marketplace and its stock finished trading at $81.06 yesterday. Investors are starting to take notice of LOGI as the stock traded as high as $82.05 and as low as $80.23 in the previous market session.

Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) average trading volume is 874.78K. However, in the previous market session Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) traded 841,755 shares. The 1st support level on LOGI is $77.22 and the 1st upside resistance level on LOGI is $94.96. LOGI 50 day moving average is $83.01 and LOGI 200 day moving average is $70.21.

Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) recent performance has been shown by the recent movement in LOGI stock. LOGI has performed -12.50% over the past 30 days, LOGI has performed 7.34% over the past quarter and LOGI has shown 89.61% over the past 1 year. Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) has a 1 year range of $31.37 to $95.71. Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) is trading 158.40% from its 1 year low and -15.31% from its 1 year high. Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) is indicating a 5.44% short float indicating the sum short in the float.

LOGI has 168.65M shares outstanding and 167.73M shares in the float. Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) presently has a market cap of $13.79B and an income of 670.40M. The EPS next quarter for LOGI is 1.02 and the forecasted EPS next year is -5.54%. The market cap of Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) at $13.79B signifies how many Investors own shares of LOGI and is calculated off the last price ($81.06) of LOGI and the sum of shares outstanding (168.65M) with Logitech International S.A. (LOGI).

Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) has aggregate cash (mrq) of 917.22M, aggregate cash per share (mrq) of 5.42, aggregate debt of LOGI rests at 35.88M and aggregate debt/equity (mrq) is 2.10. . Logitech International S.A. (LOGI) running cash flow (ttm) is 680.5M, LOGI leveraged free cash flow (ttm) is 485.35M.

LOGI is trading -5.40% below (bearish) its SMA20, 1.62% above (bullish) its SMA50 and 31.08% above (bullish) its SMA200.