Logitech International S.A. (NASDAQ: LOGI) has unveiled Logitech Pen. The new Logitech Pen is the K-12 stylus designed for touch screen Chromebooks that supports Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) standards and is Works With Chromebook certified. The uniqueness of this pen is that it is being designed in partnership with students and educators.

Logitech Pen offers the control students and educators need to work. The act of physically marking during courses has been shown to make a substantial difference in pupils' retention of what they learn, according to research. This is the reason why Logitech has collaborated with students and teachers to learn what they demand.

Logitech announced that the Logitech Pen was created to uncover the maximum potential of Chromebooks in the classroom since students and educators are increasingly leveraging them as everyday tools in schools and at home. The Logitech Pen is significantly changing how students use their Chromebooks, allowing these devices to become even more important tools in active learning through marking, doodling, and taking notes, all of which have been shown to improve understanding and retention.

Features of Logitech Pen

The Logitech Pen has a soft silicone grip and a non-slip shape that is suited perfectly for children at all levels of motor development. The active tip has 4,096 pressure sensitivity levels. It is enabling pupils to draw lines or symbols more clearly than they could with a finger or rubber tip stylus.

Furthermore, students can work with unrivaled precision, guaranteeing that their work is always a real representation of their understanding and making it excellent for in-class work, homework, exams, and other assignments. Teachers can take notes on their Chromebooks instantaneously with this new Pen, and students can get right to work owing to the Logitech Pen's no-pairing-required design, which is suitable with USI-enabled Chromebooks.