Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) disclosed that Sparkle which is the first international service provider in Italy and among the top global operators has implemented its 400G solutions to satisfy growing bandwidth demands reliably and cost-effectively. Juniper’s technology allows Sparkle to decrease space and power consumption in its core PoPs. 400G connections are also more manageable with fewer overall ports.

Sparkle has implemented Juniper's PTX Series Routers, which are high-performance, cloud-optimized systems that enable a smooth transition to 400G while offering Juniper's newest generation silicon's bandwidth, flexibility, and maturity. The PTX Series features ultra-high port density, 400GbE capability, customizable filtering, and a proven network operating system that has powered generations of high-performance applications.

Juniper’s 400G Technology

Sparkle now has a new level of scalability thanks to 400G technology. By providing the same throughput in less physical area, 400G optical transceiver modules provide a lower cost-per-bit. This implementation of 400G technology is beneficial for Sparkle as tier-1 operators like Sparkle, which are dealing with unrelenting traffic growth, need a 400G-capable network.

Furthermore, Sparkle believed that the Juniper 400G platform will be a critical instrument in its continued effort to satisfy ever-increasing traffic needs at a very reasonable price-per-port in the context of expensive space and power expenses, without losing reliability or features. Additionally, the higher standard for eco-sustainable design and energy efficiency that it works to is supported by a superior economy of scale and a denser structure.