Huize Holding Limited (NASDAQ: HUIZ) disclosed that it has joined forces with Guofu Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Guofu Life) to roll out “Darwin Critical Care No. 6” which is the latest critical illness insurance product iteration in the Darwin Critical Care series that provides a detailed range of optional protection advantages.

Huize disclosed that the rollout of ‘Darwin Critical Care No. 6’ underscored its digital capabilities in utilizing deep customer insights to co-develop tailored insurance products with its insurer partners. This latest product in the advanced Darwin Critical Care series offers detailed optional gains to expand coverage and flexibility, especially regarding severe malignant tumors and specific cardiovascular diseases, which are increasingly common among younger-aged adults.

Furthermore, there are four key product features of “Darwin Critical Care No. 6”. These features include

  • Comprehensive coverage for 110 critical illnesses, 25 moderate illnesses, and 50 mild illnesses
  • Reporting reinstatement advantages after the first claim of critical illness and optional critical illness gains of up to 100% of the insured amount, until age 60
  • Optional gain of “unlimited number of claims” for severe malignant tumors upon fulfilling stated requirements as described in the insurance clauses
  • Other optional gains include death and total disability advantages, and additional coverage for serious malignant tumors and particularly cardiovascular diseases

In addition, the company believed that there is considerable scope for increased demand for critical illness coverage, and it will continue to investigate and develop more sophisticated products to fulfill the changing protection needs of its users.