Dada Group (NASDAQ: DADA) has confirmed that Dada Now and JDDJ platforms have decided to remain open and will provide one-hour on-demand shopping service to consumers across the country during the 2022 Chinese New Year. DADA has confirmed that the Shopping Festival organized by JDDJ and Shop Now to observe Chinese New Year, would start from January 7 and continue to take part in the online New Year Festival.

The "No Close" measures of the Dada Group provide consumers with a one-hour home-delivery service for a variety of Festival products. It will enhance their buying experience and promote online spending potential. Likewise, Dada offers retailing merchants around the country robust online and offline marketing, operation, and fulfillment guarantees, assisting them in maintaining a smooth supply chain over the holidays.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that Dada's open system for unmanned delivery, which was revealed in the second half of last year, would engage in on-demand delivery for the first time during the New year holidays. Even during the Festival, the unmanned shipping platform will keep helping significant supermarket chains such as 7 Fresh and Yonghui Supermarket with last-mile shipments. And, particularly during peak seasons or severe weather, unmanned shipping vehicles will assist riders and help ease capacity limits.

In addition, Dada Now disclosed that its upgraded on-demand warehousing, collecting, and shipping services would also open in Festival. The platform has introduced safe measures such as hiring new deliverymen, providing holiday grants, planning riders, and personal care to increase its delivery force. Moreover, it has kept ready tens of thousands of supplies and set up an emergency response mechanism to ensure holiday delivery.