Globant S.A. (NYSE: GLOB) has joined hands with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to introduce AWS for Games. The companies have introduced the new service to allow developers to easily utilize the broad scope of AWS services to establish smarter, highly interactive, and engaging games.

AWS believed Globant is a trustworthy partner of AWS Game Tech. Both firms are dedicated to enabling game developers to create incredible, successful, and enjoyable games. As more games incorporate live services and connected experiences, developers will require a varied selection of solutions. With Globant as a significant partner on AWS for Games, developers can concentrate on building enjoyable player experiences.

Furthermore, Globant stated that as gaming becomes more prominent and advanced, game developers and designers must always find new and better ways to include the most innovative technologies to remain competitive. Globant's Gaming Studio expertise use AWS for Games to help its customers develop freely while also improving the adaptability, efficiency, and dependability of their games, thus improving the user experience.

Inder Phull, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at PIXELYNX commented that as a company created with the ambitious objective of generating a music metaverse ecosystem, PIXELYNX developers devote every day to discovering new, groundbreaking ways to incorporate the latest emerging technologies from blockchain to NFTs into its gaming platform.

Furthermore, Globant's support in offering innovative cloud infrastructure, along with security and automation, driven by AWS's seamless technological stack, enables the PIXELYNX team to focus on their primary aim of providing the greatest possible experience for artists and music fans.