General Motors (NYSE: GM) has disclosed that because of the gas shortage in Mexico, it has decided to stop some of its operations there. Volkswagen has also joined GM and decided the same. On the other hand, Audi AG declared that it has made the alteration in the production as per the supply of Gas.

The US-based auto manufacturer stated that two days consecutively, the shortage of gas compelled the firm to stop its operations. It has started the operations after the availability of the necessary level of gas enough for the operations. GM has stopped processes at its plant in the central city of Silao on both Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Shares of General Motors (NYSE: GM) plummeted 1.07% as it lost -0.57 during the trading session of Wednesday. GM has recorded the change of $14.32 during the past 52-weeks of the low range and $57.05 during the past 52-weeks of the high range. Its share rose 269.21% from its 52-week low and decreased by -7.29% from its past 52-weeks high. General Motors' total market capitalization has remained high, reaching $76.07 billion at the time of writing.

The Mexico unit of Volkswagen revealed that it will defer manufacturing on its Jetta model on Thursday and Friday and suspend the processes on its Taos and Golf models just on Friday. Audi will adjust the operations as per the gas accessibility for the production of the Audi Q5 vehicle at its plant in Puebla state.