Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) has experienced a fierce backlash from the Australian government after it has banned the news pages of non-profit charities, political pages, and also the government pages of Australia.  FB took this step to ban the news pages after the new law restricts Facebook and Google to pay for news content on their platform.

Australian users are unable to share and view news content on Facebook. Though the ban is for only the news publishers of Australia the union pages, charity organizations, government pages, and various politician pages have also experienced the hit.

The Bureau of Meteorology of Australia stated on Thursday that its pages are banned on the platform and advised users to get information directly from the website or the Twitter page. This step of Facebook has not only affected the Australian community but also FB itself is among those to have been knocked by FB’s prohibition on news in Australia.

Currently, Australia is planning to start the vaccination campaign, at this critical time the health departments of Australia are unable to share information on the pages. Furthermore, Australians were also barred from accessing Foodbank Australia, Women’s Legal Shelter, the sites of some politicians, and emergency service units in addition to the Australia Council of Trade Unions.

FB has issued the statement and said that the government pages will not be affected by the ban as the platform has no clear information regarding the payment law. As per the new Australian law, FB and GOOGL would need to make business deals with news agencies whose links increase traffic to their platforms.

One of the studies disclosed that as the primary news source nearly 21% of Australians use social media, on the contrary nearly 39% of Australians use FB to get information. By mid-morning, many government-supported FB pages have been unbanned, but numerous charity pages and all media sites are still blocked.