Neuronetics Inc. (NASDAQ: STIM), a technology firm focused on developing products to enhance the quality of life for patients suffering from mental ailments, recently declared that the FDA has permitted it to start using TouchStar treatment, an intermittent theta-burst (iTBS) protocol with its NeuroStar Advanced Therapy System with patented Contact Sensing technology. The clearance plays an integral role as the 3-minute therapy acts as an alternative for many medical practitioners and their patients.

The Contact Sensing technology aids in not only monitoring but also managing NeuroStar Advanced Therapy’s contoured coil which is created in such a way that the curve fits the head and provides continuous real-time feedback about the coil’s angle and contact with the head. The new system has three treatment variations. First is standard which gives treatments at 37.5 minutes per session. DASH provides treatments at 19 minutes per session and last but not least is TouchStar offering three minutes per session.

The overall procedure has become less time taking and uses higher frequency pulses making sure that an appropriate amount of dosage is being administered in every session. It gives experts the ability to offer a third FDA-cleared treatment protocol with NeuroStar Advanced Therapy, a non-drug, non-invasive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) proving to be a monumental breakthrough in diagnosing depression and other similar psychological conditions.