DXC Technology Company (NYSE: DXC) revealed that it has entered into an agreement with Temenos. After the partnership, broad cloud hosting, deployment, and integration strength of DXC will be combined with the prominent banking software of Temenos. Both the firms will collaborate to provide large bank customers the ideal transformation method to tackle aggressive, regulatory, expense, and innovation drivers.

After the partnership of DXC Technologies and Temenos, the consumer will be able to get the benefit of a sophisticated core banking solution. Temenos is recognized as the banking software firm to speed up the digital revolution strategy for large DXC bank customers.

Many large banks are now struggling with complex legacy technology stacks that may include several core competencies, different systems, and product warehouses. These banks are setting their footprint in the modern technologies to compete against fintech and neobank, whose responsiveness enables them to quickly unveil distinguished goods and attract new clients.

The main system which facilitates banks to innovate and bring sophisticated technologies is the core IT systems. When firms are looking ahead to bring the digital revolution the first step is to choose the right partner in the journey to bring new technologies. After the partnership of DXC with Temenos, it will be able to utilize its own and its partner expertise to commence the journey of the IT revolution.

Temenos has full confidence that the collaboration with DXC will help the company to pursue its market penetration strategy and to increase its reach to large banks. Temenos believed that working jointly will be able to help large banks diminishing their cost, warehouses, and IT infrastructure complexities. Temenos is aiming to speed up the business revolution and offer the best experience to the customers.