CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI) made public on Friday that it has bought the stake in Bennamann Ltd. After buying the stake in Bennamann, CNH will be the strategic agricultural partner technology partner of Bennamann. Bennamann has gained recognition as the rapidly-expanding agricultural technology firm in the field of clean energy.

Additionally, the new collaboration agreement of CNH will demonstrate the long-term dedication to financing in productivity optimizing sustainable technologies, that generate real-world advantages to the farmers.

Moreover, this partnership reinforces the pledge of the firm to clean energy, which enables farmers to cut down agricultural emissions through sophisticated technologies that adopt the circular market to provide an ecological and economic advantage for clients and the broader community.

Bennamann is continuously striving and showing how a sophisticated new methodology to energy-autonomous, sustainable farming will accelerate the implementation across a wide range of agribusinesses. Presently, the ‘Energy Independent’ methodology is being effectively examined across several farms in South West England, showing the feasibility of the closed-loop energy system.