Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) has joined forces with Lilith Technology Corporation to increase the engagement for Lilith’s game ‘Rise of Kingdoms’. Through this collaboration, Lilith Technology will be able to take full advantage of the machine learning and AI capabilities and data analytics expertise of Aurora Mobile.

The technical expertise of Aurora Mobile will allow Lilith to gain complete insights into user requirements. It also offered Lilith the push services to increase the engagement of the customers. Lilith Technology is endeavoring for years to offer an excellent gaming experience to users.

Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) has seen some recent action in the market and its stock finished trading at $2.1800 yesterday. Investors are starting to take interest in JG as the stock traded as high as $2.2634 and as low as $2.1100 in the last trading session.

Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) average trading volume is 131.81K. However, in the last trading session Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) exchanged 144,904 shares. The First downside support level on JG is $1.98 and the First upside resistance level on JG is $2.22. JG 50day moving average is $1.7569 and JG 200 day moving average is $1.7361.

Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) recent performance has been specified by the recent movement in JG stock. JG has performed 21.11% over the past 4 weeks, JG has performed 30.54% over the past quarter and JG has shown -48.10% over the past 365 days. Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) has a 12 month range of $1.4000 to $4.0000. Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) is trading 55.71% from its 12 month low and -50.00% from its 12 month high. Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) is indicating a 0.18% short float indicating the amount short in the float.

JG has 115.85M shares outstanding and 87.99M shares in the float. Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) at this time has a market cap of $220.42M and an income of -24.70M. . The market cap of Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) at $220.42M signifies how many Investors own shares of JG and is calculated off the last price ($2.1800) of JG and the amount of shares outstanding (115.85M) with Aurora Mobile Limited (JG).

Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) has and aggregate debt/equity (mrq) is 55.27. JG is trading 17.43% above (bullish) its SMA20, 27.39% above (bullish) its SMA50 and 10.34% above (bullish) its SMA200.