Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) disclosed that its instant messaging product, JMessage SDK has been victorious in the security test and review in the third contest of the SDK Security drive supported by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). This is the Company’s second product which has earned victory in the security test and review under the SDK Security campaign.

The main purpose of CAICT’s SDK Security campaign is to assist SDK developers in pinpointing any major security issues in advance and help them embrace defensive measures. It also helps them create a standardized SDK security review process and testing environment, which will result in enhancing the security protocol of the industry.

Furthermore, the SDK Security campaign was launched by the CAICT Security Research Institute in June 2021. The first and second rounds of the SDK security test and assessment were taken place in July and October 2021, and the third round commenced in November 2021. The basic security of SDK products, data storage security, data interface security, crucial element security, code, and document security were all assessed in this review process.

Additionally, since the unveiling of this drive, the Security Research Institute of CAICT has closely watched the growth trend of IT technologies and created a complete SDK review and indicator system through forward-thinking research and practical search utilizing its deep insights and expertise in data security, mobile security, and other related fields.

Aurora Mobile’s push notification solution has become victorious in the first contest of the security test and review, pursued by JMessage SDK in the third round. This success indicates the Company's strong competencies in its security product offerings and conformity with cybersecurity rules.