American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ: AAL) disclosed that 737 MAX of Boeing (NYSE: BA) has forced the captain to stop the engine due to mechanical issues and declared an emergency. Boeing 737 MAX heading for Newark Liberty International Airport of New Jersey.

American Airlines was the first airline which has resumed the 737 Max flights after the FAA authorized safety data by Boeing. Flight 2555 of American Airlines was carrying 95 passengers and six crew members from Miami but was forced to land safely at Newark due to related issues with the engine.

Boeing disclosed that it is mindful of the flight issue of American and the FAA disclosed that it will commence the inquiry. FAA has earlier given green signal to fly the 737 MAX again, but FAA Administrator Steve Dickson has shown full confidence in the safety of MAX but also warned that it will also be possible that in the future the mechanical issues may happen.

Steve earlier disclosed: β€œFor that reason, it is unavoidable that in the future, a Boeing 737 MAX will go back to its starting airport, reroute, or land at its terminus with a real or alleged in-flight trouble.” Shares of American Airlines went down 3.72% as it lost -0.79 during the trading session of Friday. American Airlines has earlier received the supply of 737 MAX from Boeing on Dec. 30.