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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Eve (NYSE: EVEX) Announces Partnership with Porsche Consulting

Eve Holding, Inc. (NYSE: EVEX) confirmed that it has joined forces with Porsche Consulting, Inc. to assist in determining the eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) supply chain, global manufacturing, and logistics macro strategy. As per the partnership, both the firms will integrate their aeronautic and automotive knowledge to support Eve’s implementation plan, considering modern manufacturing research and innovation.

Eve Holding is excited to collaborate with an industry leader who can help it make smart decisions. The UAM ecosystem is rapidly expanding, and the company will only be able to reach its goal if it can stimulate interest in innovative manufacturing and supply chain innovations. As technology dramatically changes industrial production, the company is looking forward to seeing all of the new opportunities ahead.

Furthermore, the companies’ master services agreement includes studies on industrial operations, logistics, supply chain, and components distribution in a unique strategy aimed at improving efficiency, productivity, and safety. As the UAM market evolves to meet expected demand, the study will look at scalability and distributed production.

Furthermore, complete network solutions are also being considered to satisfy specific industry requirements as the digital transformation opens up new opportunities for the sector to adopt more agile technology to achieve business and sustainability goals. Porsche Consulting said that it shares the same principles, and with industry-leading know-how, it will be able to examine and challenge all present logistics and manufacturing concepts.

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