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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Announces the Launch of MX Boost

Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) has announced the launch of MX Boost, a private wireless solution that integrates disparate radio technologies and spectrum to offer the highest possible dependability and performance for demanding Industry 4.0 use cases. Organizations can use MX Boost to combine radio technologies like Wi-Fi and 4.9G/LTE, as well as a spectrum, to boost throughput and determinism, or the network’s ability to ensure performance even under adverse radio conditions for real-time applications.

Private 4.9G/LTE and 5G are becoming more popular, letting businesses get new insights and capabilities from their operational data thanks to reliable, secure low latency asset communication. Nokia has created MX Boost for private wireless, a Nokia Bell Labs patented innovation, which allows businesses to integrate and use several radio technologies in the most efficient way possible, while also improving network performance in tough radio environments like ports, metal plants, and mines.

MX Boost is a tried-and-true technology that helps Nokia’s Train-to-Ground solution fulfill the demands of mission-critical urban and metro rail communications. When traveling at high speeds, via tunnels, handing over between two service provider networks, or at busy stations, the system employs multipath connections to ensure reliable, seamless operation.

MX Boost Improve automatically identifies the strongest radio link and sends the combined radio stream to either boost throughput in tough radio situations or provide determinism using innovative algorithms and real-time link assessment. MX Boost works at the IP layer, making it quite simple to combine highly disparate connectivity technologies without adding complexity, such as merging terrestrial and satellite technologies.

It results in an almost limitless number of combinations. MX boost works with brownfield non-Nokia Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies for industrial areas, allowing businesses to combine it with private 4.9G/LTE for enhanced determinism and capacity. The MX Boost routing features will be made accessible as an application running on Nokia MX Industrial Edge as part of this new offering, and new field routers will be launched as part of a new range of industrial devices that support the new MX Boost capabilities.

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