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Friday, January 27, 2023

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Unveils its New Intelligent RAN Operations

Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK) has unveiled its new Intelligent RAN Operations solution meant to administer the growing complexity of 5G networks through machine learning (ML). Nokia Intelligent RAN Operations includes several machine learning features that assist operators in managing network density and intricacy.

It has been believed that New Intelligent Operations will automate typical network administration operations, as well as the detection, categorization, and resolution of network issues in real-time. This reduces time and avoids the possibility of human error. Mobile operators can improve 5G network quality, efficiency, and subscriber experience while lowering operational expenses, energy usage, and CO2 emissions with the framework and its underlying technologies.

Furthermore, Nokia’s goal to sustainability and climate change mitigation is supported by this solution. Nokia has defined sustainability goals to lessen its environmental footprint while also assisting its customers in doing so. By 2030, the corporation has promised to cut emissions by half throughout its operations and goods in use. Nokia’s software is expected to be fuel-efficient, helping mobile operators meet their climate and environmental goals.

Additionally, it is no longer possible to manually configure the thousands of parameters available in network nodes. So, the operators require automated solutions that use artificial intelligence to complement and alleviate human intellect so that it may be used to the numerous RAN operational difficulties that computers cannot yet address.

Nokia’s Intelligent RAN Operations solution will be on display in Hall 3 Stand 3A10 at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona. The solution demonstrates how machine learning may be used to automate radio network energy-saving setup and administration, lowering energy usage and CO2 emission.

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