Zomedica Corp. (NYSE American: ZOM) revealed that it has entered into a Distribution Deal with Miller Veterinary Supply. Both the firms signed an agreement for the distribution of the first product of Zomedica, TRUFORMA. Zomedica is scheduled to commence sale on March 30, 2021.

Miller will represent the firm in states from Texas to Maine. The main focus of the Miller Supply is in the eastern and mid-eastern part of the US as per the conditions of the distribution deal.  It has been disclosed earlier by the firm that the sales employees of Zomedica will work with the Miller sale representative in the fieldwork assigned to them.

The decision has been taken to increase the satisfaction level of customers and the relevant representatives will be able to give more appropriate information to customers related to TRUFORMA. Presently, Zomedica is engaged in the hiring of these sales representatives for the distribution of TRUFORMA.

Miller Veterinary Supply is the prominent wholesale veterinary distributor in the US which is managed and controlled by the industry's prominent leaders. The small size of the firm is helpful for the company as it will be able to offer excellent services to its customers and also has an exceptional team who all are well aware of the business.

For each customer sale account, Miller has appointed devoted and skilled Inside Sales Experts and Field Leaders who can provide services to the customer and fulfill their requirements. It also offers a flawless experience to the customers both online and offline. Miller will always be ready to serve clients no matter which interaction method the customer would choose.  It offers speedy services through its online networks.

Zomedica CEO commented that it will be the best experience for the company as Miller is a reputable firm and it shares the same commitment as ZOM. TRUFORMA diagnostic platform uses Bulk Acoustic Wave (“BAW”) technology to offer a free discovery system for use at the POC.