WISeKey International Holding AG (NASDAQ: WKEY) confirmed that in a series of events at the 2022 annual Davos gathering of business, policy, and philanthropic leaders, Moreira and Fergusson announced the sequel to ‘The trans Human Code’ with the creation of the new groundbreaking multi-media platform ‘The Code to The Metaverse’.

Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson's bestseller 2019 book, The transHuman Code, presented a carefully selected take on the crucial conversations that will determine whether technology will improve or degrade humanity. It may be claimed that the book's origins were decentralized, as it was born at the Davos event, through many dialogues and workshops.

During the event, participants, watchers, and readers will be welcomed backstage into the laboratories and into the Metaverse as part of the interactive series to experience their future in this 3D virtual reality. To give readers a taste of what is to come, the authors enlisted the help of six Metaverse pioneers to describe how the Metaverse's quickly evolving gateways and tools will alter their personal, professional, and social lives in unexpected ways.

Furthermore, "during an unprecedented rate, the Metaverse's expanding frontier is already going well beyond its 'Second Life' gaming roots," Mr. Fergusson stated at the inaugural event. "As we develop links between our physical universe and the Metaverse in the most spectacular technical revolution of the previous decade, we are literally at the threshold of our future life."

"However, when we go into the unknown of the Metaverse, the foundational assumption of The transHuman Code still holds. Primarily, that the human being is the most advanced technology of all, and that it is critical to keep humans at the core of this technological revolution," Mr. Moreira added.