Share of TransEnterix (NYSE American: TRXC) shot up during the trading session of Tuesday with the heavy volume. The medical device firm has disclosed that it has been awarded the CE Mark authorization for the Intelligent Surgical Unit (ISU) that allows machine vision functionality on the Senhance Surgical System.

This authorization will give Senhance digital laparoscopic programs access to this new technology in Europe. Moreover, it will bring it to the frontline of surgical innovation using augmented intelligence. This approval will enhance the surgical capabilities by offering the ability to identify certain items and locations in the surgical field.

Furthermore, ISU Capabilities optimize the vision and camera control over surgical technologies that are currently available. It also offers the basis for additional enhanced intelligence capabilities. Additionally, the ISU enhances surgical team collaboration by flawlessly sharing the console view of the surgeon immediately across the entire operating room.

Moreover, 3D point-to-point measurement and anatomical structure identification may be included in future augmented intelligence features, further boosting the digital laparoscopic experience with Senhance.

TransEnterix CEO & President has commented after receiving the authorization that Augmented Intelligence is the main driver that increases the proficiency of Surgeons. The experience of surgery would be different for Surgeons with Augmented Intelligence powered by machine vision. The CEO disclosed that the firm has already successfully deployed augmented intelligence in the U.S. with the Senhance System after getting FDA green signal last year.

The new technology enhances the expertise of surgeons and increases the exposure of Surgeons by flawlessly moving the camera to specific points in the surgical field and follow up the tools to perform delicate tasks. Real-time augmented intelligence is a new experience made possible by digitizing surgery. The ISU is compatible with both Senhance Surgical Systems' global built database and third-party vision systems.