Mogo Inc. [NASDAQ: MOGO] has kicked off Friday trading session with a strong performance as it soared 35.07%. This strong performance of the company has shown the positive reactions of the investors after the company has announced a new plan for MogoSpend.

It has revealed today that its digital spending account ‘MogoSpend’ will now support Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Users of MogoSpend will now be able to get the benefit of contactless payment using their smartphone and other devices.

MogoSpend is very beneficial for people as it enabled them to improve their financial health. It is also control spending and automate the carbon offsetting.

Mogo Inc. aimed to help people by providing them the opportunity to achieve a zero CO2 and zero debt lifestyle. All this is possible by MogoSpend. MogoSpend has the ability to automatically offsetting one pound of CO2 for every dollar spent.

Mogo Inc. has built this platform for users as it help user to remain aware of their spending. The excellent feature of MogoSpend is that when user spend money, it automatically send notifications to user and updated them about every detail such as where they spent money, how much they spent, and how much carbon they offset.

It also provide the opportunity to user to keep track of their spending and see their progress in a month. Users will now be able to get the MogoSpend through a free Mogo app on IOS and android.

Currently, the ongoing pandemic has forced people to turn their focus on digital payment options.

Shares of Mogo Inc. [NASDAQ: MOGO] soared 35.07% at $1.81. MOGO has a trading volume of 58.99 million as compared to the average volume of 313.27K. During the past 52-weeks of trading, its share price went from a low point of around $0.55 to briefly over 3.15.

It has shown an increase of 226.24% in its share price from 52-weeks low and has shown a decrease of -42.54% from its 52-weeks high. This company has a total market capitalization of $38.66 million at the time of writing.